Twilight for the grape harvest?

Today has been difficult.

The sun is setting, a glowing red ball surrounded by a halo of soft pink, silhouetting the pines whose dark green outlines stand sentinel on the crest of the hill. In the valley the inhabitants of Vidauban are winding down from the activity of the day. Some are sitting on their terraces having an evening meal, others are enjoying an aperitif in the cafés down in the square. The scene is very peaceful, very calm. Setting Sun in the Var

It’s not so calm in our apartment. After numerous attempts my two sons have at last been offered jobs in the grape harvest. The only problem is, the château where they would be working turned out today to be about 20 kilometres away, down winding country lanes called chemins which thread through vineyard after vineyard interspersed with thickets of pine trees. So now we have the enormous problem of desperately needing the money the grape harvest work would bring, but not being able to afford transport of any kind to get there. The château is too isolated to be near any bus route and an old second hand car would cost around € 500 but even that is beyond us. Although one of my son’s has ridden bikes and scooters in England, in France you need a French license to do so. At the moment the problem sadly seems insurmountable. I do wish I had a family to fall back on, but being an only child of long deceased parents, I do not.

Vines and grapesProvencal Farm with vineyard

On a brighter note, however, I do feel things will work out sometime eventually. In spite of the difficult times I’ve had in life (and there have been quite a few) in the end situations have resolved themselves.

The sky is still red and the lights are twinkling now in the village. It is very beautiful and I am very fortunate to be able to experience it.

Red Sky over Vidauban, Var


4 thoughts on “Twilight for the grape harvest?

  1. I’m wishing you well as you face a harvest without wheels! Your paintings are lovely–I wonder if you’ll be able to get to Simiane-la-Rotonde sometime, a small perched village not far from Apt. Also, I hope, as another fledgling blogger, you’ll follow me at (I’ve switched from wordpress to blogger).

    • Thank you for your kind words. I was staying not far from Apt for a few months and hope to be able to revisit the area sometime, it’s really beautiful. Yes, I’ll continue to follow you on blogger.

  2. I hope this is not too forward. I had the idea that maybe you and your sons could search for online work. You write beautifully and I believe you would make an excellent editor as well. Perhaps you could sell your works by creating an Etsy shop. So many of the viewers are France crazed and would love original works. – Many blessings to you and your family.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, it’s not at all too forward. I am very pleased that you like my writing although I am not sure what I would do to become an editor. One of my son’s has just created an online art gallery where I am selling my paintings ( ), which I hope will have some success before too long. I’ve had a look at Etsy following your advice and will register with them as well. Thank you again.

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